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Moving relocation service quality

relokasiRelocation service quality

We have service relocation household goods, office relocation or other. We offer full residential moving services from packing to loading, to transportation and storage for your goods. Whether you are moving one item or an entire household, We have the expertise, along with the manpower and equipment, to handle all of your needs. When it comes to moving your personal belongings, nothing is as important as a fully qualified, trained team. Supported by fully owned armada and complete equipped personnel, reputable and reliable partners throughout Indonesia, we give you a personal and caring service.

  • Professional Relocation Service

    Tiga Permata Express gives you a reliable service in the form of relocation services that will help the process of moving you both for residential (houses, apartments, boarding) and commercial (office, shop, warehouse, factory). We serve domestic and international relocation services.
    Scope of services Moving Us:
    – Moving House
    – Moving Apartment
    – Relocation
    – Moving boarding
    – Moving Warehouse
    – Transfer Factory
    The services we provide include:
    • Packer, the workforce of trained and experienced to carry out the process pindhan from dismantling, packing, shipping to the realignment of the goods at the destination location.
    • Packaging Materials, all packing materials will be provided to pack all goods to be moved.
    • Moving Tools, equipment that will be used for the process of moving goods has been tested and qualified to international standards.
    • Moving Transportation, vehicles that will be used for the delivery of goods, either a pickup truck, van, until the truck has a proven safety standards and equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) which will facilitate the tracking of shipments.
    • Relocation Service, the process of dismantling and restructuring of the goods at the destination location.

  • Packing Services

    Tiga Permata Express serve packing service for household or industrial good for storage purposes or the domestic and international shipments.
    With the selection of packaging material which has been proven quality, we ensure the safety of packaged goods both for delivery and storage of goods.

  • Warehouse Rental Services and Storage of Goods
    Tiga Permata Express has warehouse space that is wide enough to be used for storage of goods. We provide you the solution for the storage of goods such as commercial goods, furniture household / office, vehicles and others. Based in Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang makes it easy for you to be able to distribute your goods quickly and efficiently.