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Tiga Permata Ekspress | Delivery Services

n anticipation of the growth of the global market and the face of AFTA ( ASEAN Free Trade Area ), PT Tiga Permata Logistik  and Tiga Permata Express are here to serve your needs. So far, we have served a wide range of loyal clients, from individuals, and multi-national companies. Through this experience we hope to be able to anticipate a wide range of issues that will arise and prepare the solution. We equip themselves with adequate equipment, trained staff, as well as an extensive network of cooperation.
This experience is an added value, both for us, and the clients that allow us to submit a bid that analysis well, making sure all the factors, so that everything went successfully and safely in every shipment. It also provides flexibility in meeting a wide range of differences that are required by our clients. For us, consumer plays a very important.
Hard work and dedication of our personnel had been trusted by our customers. Our customers are the reason why we still survive until today.
However we also believe that our most valuable asset is our employees. So we are committed to continue its improvement through continuous training and education, as well as providing a comfortable working environment and well-being is assured for our employees. In a service-oriented business, security and trust, there is no other choice but to give a high added value for employees. We have done and will always do so.